I have been a client of Labor Force for 2 years and I have never had a bad experience. I am happy to be a part of a team that cares about their employees and their clients. They are always available to meet your needs and take care of any problems that may arise. ... read more
- Branch Manager, Houston Distribution Center. -
I am writing this letter to inform you on what a great job Patricia Martinez does taking care of my staffing needs. I have been using Patricia for at least ten years, and she has always taken care of me, getting me the best help the majority of the time. I have staffing agencies in my office all of the time asking me for my business, and my explanations for not using them is that I already have the best, Patricia Martinez with Labor Force. Patricia has always kept in touch with me making sure my staffing needs are always taken care of. The best thing I can say about Patricia is she is a HUSTLER, and I will continue to use her as long as she is in the staffing business, Thank you Patricia for everything. ... read more
- Operations Manager, Houston Steel Company -
I am pleased to say Labor Force has handled all of our staffing needs with professional experience which is very important when someone uses the amount of personnel that we do on various shifts and week ends and capable of quick response with upsizing and downsizing to fit the operations on a day to day basis. Billing and employee pay rates have always been very accurate and is so important when there are so many different pay rate categories on various shifts. ... read more
- Operations Manager, Houston Packaging Company -
Due to the nature of our business we require both skilled and semi-skilled personnel, usually at short notice. In this respect, our experience with Labor Force has been extremely positive and they have consistently lived up to our expectations. Their staff have been professional, courteous, and efficient and work dilligently to meet our demands.  I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Labor Force to any company in need of a staffing supplier ... read more
- Personnel Dept, Baytown Steel Company -